Our goal is to deliver industry standard mixing and mastering at a reasonable cost. Below is a list of our rates/services. All payments are made via Paypal. Due to the nature of the business, we do not provide refunds. However we are committed to working with you if you are not satisfied for some reason. 


Looking for that industry-standard sound? As the head mix and recording engineer at VItamin D's studio "The Pharmacy" in Seattle for 10 years, K. Stiell has worked with all of the big names and established quite a reputation for himself in the hip-hop and soul arena. If James Bond is the man with the golden gun, then K. Stiell is the man with the golden ears.


  • we provide free mix feedback

  • we accept individual tracks or stems

  • includes free revisions

  • turnaround time: 1-2 weeks (depending on the project)


Mastering is much more than just making things loud, it is the art and science of taking a collection of mixes and preparing them for distribution. In additional to providing you with a polished and competitive sound, we perform sonic chiropractics to fix issues in the recordings, ensure the entire project has a sonic continuity, and prepare your project for multi-platform delivery. Additionally, because most audio these days is recorded digitally, we also incorporate high quality analog gear to add harmonics, dimensionality, and warmth/density to your recordings that plug-ins just can't deliver. 


  • Flat Fee Promo $350/Album (8-15 songs) 

  • Flat Fee Promo $250/EP (3-7 songs)

  • Single Pack Deal $50/single (song + instrumental)

  • Mastering for streaming, CD, cassette, & vinyl

  • free ISRC codes provided for every master

  • free revisions (within reason, e.g. 3-4 max)

  • free DDP master or Red Book CD master (if needed)

  • turnaround time: ~ 1week (depending on the project)

  • Book now! Promotional Rates will expire.

  • $15 fee for resending files (after download link expires)



  • quality control check

  • loudness report (LUFS, True Peak, RMS)

Does your music meet the current loudness standards? We provide free audio analytics with every mastering project. However, if you just want to get a second opinion on your project, check for errors, and see if the overall loudness is consistent with current standards, we can definitely help. Loudness tools include Izotope RX7, Nugen Audio AMB, and MAAT Dynamic Range toolkit. 




Variable Rate

Got Noise? We use archival grade converters and some of the best forensic audio tools available for cleaning up audio noises of all kinds, including hiss, clicks, crackle, rumble, hum, broadband noises, distortions and provide clean audio.  We have extensive experience with dramatically improving lectures, speeches, old instrumentals, live shows, etc. 

  • price varies upon length of project

  • $30/song minimum

  • includes mastering grade A/D conversion (if needed)

  • includes denoising, spectral editing, optimization

  • includes loudness optimization for streaming

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