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How should I submit my audio?
We have had the best success using WeTransfer to send large files, but you can also use DropBox or Google Drive. 

What type of audio files should I send for mixing or mastering?

  • 24-bit or 32-bit WAV or AIFF files 

  • Preferably your mix should not be limited or clipping

  • Preferably your mix should have -3 to -4dB of headroom  
  • Preferably your mix should not be dithered when you bounce files


What if all I have are MP3 files, can I send those?

Sure. We can work with whatever files you have. Just understand that compressed/lossy formats will limit the quality of the mixes and/or masters. Therefore we do not recommend sending MP3, OGG, AAC, M4A or FLAC files. These are lossy formats that have lower sound quality than PCM formats (WAV or AIFF). 

What is your revision policy?
We will revise any mix or master free of charge (within reason), although the mix itself sets the limit for how much it can be optimized.

How does payment work?
After your approval of the mixes and/or master you can pay the PayPal invoice request with any debit or credit card. PayPal requests and invoices require payment in full within 7 days.

How will I receive my final mixes or masters?

You will be send MP3 files as listening copies for review and approval. Once you approve your mixes and masters and pay your Paypal invoice,  you will receive a WeTransfer link to download the wav (or aiff) files for your mixes and/or masters (24-bit and 44.1kHz, 48kHz, or 96kHz). 

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please email

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