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AudioKemestry LLC is owned and operated by Pablo Infinity. He brings a relentless passion for music, and over 25 years of experience with mixing, recording, production, mastering, and digital audio restoration. He has also forged relationships with several well established mix engineers in various genres to expand the services of AudioKemestry LLC to includeth the following:

  • Mastering for CD, cassette, vinyl, and all streaming platforms

  • ​Professional Red Book CD and DDP Encoding 

  • Digital Audio Restoration 

  • Pro Audio Mixing

Pablo Infinity
Mastering Engineer | Sound Scientist

Pablo Infinity (aka P. Whaley) is a true scientist of sound. With 20 years of experience as an independent recording artist/producer (Bored Stiff, SF), as well as degrees in math and biomedical engineering (therapeutic ultrasound), he brings a unique blend of creative and technical skills. He has spent the last 10 years sharpening his skills as mastering engineer and building up his studio, which combines top of the line digital signal processing tools and boutique analog equipment. Although he embraces the benefits and workflow of digital technology, Pablo Infinity believes that what's missing from much of today's digital landscape is the analog soul, provided by analogue gear with real tubes and transformers. Clients will truly appreciate his attention to detail, technical and creative wizardry, and commitment to delivering masters that are ready for the world.

Kris Stiell
Mixing and Recording Engineer 

If James Bond is the man with the golden gun, then K. Stiell is the man with the golden ears. He studied audio production at the art institute of Seattle but withdrew after being offered a full time position as a recording engineer at Vitamin D's legendary studio "The Pharmacy". During his 10+ years as The Pharmacy's head recording and mixing engineer, K. Stiell was the man behind the boards for almost everybody in Seattle, from Macklemore (before he blew up) to Jake 1, as well numerous out-of-town legends such as Rass Kass, De La Soul, Freeway, The Jacka, Nas, etc. Although The Pharmacy closed its doors for business, K. Stiell continues to bless his clients with 20+ years of experience behind the boards and a relentless pursuit towards audio perfection. 


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